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Science Behind the Sleep - Provent EPAP Therapy

Case Studies of our Sleep without Snoring products

Whether through in-house clinical trials, scientific case studies, or information gathered from medical journals; Shoreline Medical Services only provides better sleep products backed by real data that our customers can view for themselves.

Provent EPAP Therapy - Shoreline Medical conducted the first study to specifically assess control of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) with nasal EPAP therapy, with the following conditions:

Patients had mild to severe OSA
Patients potentially had additional diseases other than OSA
Patients had previous unsuccessful treatments for OSA
Patients avoided sleeping on their backs (supine, normally advised for OSA treatment)

Shoreline Medical found that the EPAP therapy:

Provided 81% of patients with good-to-optimal control of OSA
Was not significantly affected by differences in gender or BMI (Body Mass Index)
Provided 92% of patients with reported tolerability and compliance with the treatment
Significantly decreased levels of daytime sleepiness post-treatment (Subjectively)

The study provided preliminary evidence that patients with the aforementioned conditions can effectively use nasal EPAP, in combination with sleep repositioning, to effectively treat mild to severe Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Additional EPAP and Provent Publications (.pdf documents - click to view):

Long Term Use of Nasal EPAP Device Treatment

Meta-Analysis of Nasal EPAP Therapy for OSA

A Novel Nasal EPAP Device for the Treatment of OSA


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