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Science Behind the Sleep - Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow

Case Studies of our Sleep without Snoring products

Whether through in-house clinical trials, scientific case studies, or information gathered from medical journals; Shoreline Medical Services only provides products backed by real data that our customers can view for themselves.

Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow - The goodnite pillow has been a success in Europe, and has already undergone successful clinical trials in Germany. This pillow has been proven to improve snoring symptoms, but is only effective for side and back sleepers, due to the importance of head and neck positioning during treatment.

The working principle of GOODNITE and its effect on snoring have been analyzed during a clinical study at the University ENT-Clinic of Mannheim/Heidelberg, Germany in 2013/2014.  This IRB compliant clinical study under the supervision of Dr. Joachim T. Maurer revealed a significant reduction of snoring and no deterioration of relevant respiratory parameter during sleep. This study also determined that GOODNITE did not cause additional arousal (wake-up reaction) nor change of supine position.

snoring reduction of 67% in average with users in home environment has been conducted and published by the University ENT-Clinic of Mannheim/Heidelberg, Germany in 2013 as a “Field-Test” with 157 participants.

A clinical study at the Lindenbrunn Clinic, Germany prior to the actual development of GOODNITE with an early prototype demonstrated the positive effect of head-position on snoring and AHI (Apnea-Hypopnea-Index).

The first major Clinical Study on the effect of change of head-position on apnea have been conducted and published by the St. Louis Hospital in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2011, Aug 1;34(8):1075-1081, Sleep Quantitative effects of trunk and head position on the apnea hypopnea index in obstructive sleep apnea.

Authors: van Kesteren ER, van Maanen JP, Hilgevoord AA, Laman DM, de Vries N, Amsterdam, NL


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