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Anti Snoring Devices

Anti-Snoring Products & Devices

Stop Snoring products designed to improve sleep and reduce or eliminate the symptoms and health issues associated with chronic snoring. No prescription required. Proven to help customers Sleep Without Snoring.

Our stop snoring products currently include our Mute Anti-Snoring Product, Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow and the SlumberBUMP Positional Sleep Belt - All are featured below.

Anti-Snoring Pillow - Sleep without Snoring

Mute Anti-Snoring Device

Breathe Better, Snore Less, SLEEP GREAT!

Mute is a more effective alternative to breathing strips and uncomfortable nasal stents. Mute stops your snoring by gently inserting into your nose, Mute gently opens your nasal passages, letting you breathe through your nose instead of snoring through your mouth. This reduces the constrictions and vibrations that cause snoring.

Mute is both soft and adjustable and gently expands your breathing airway to increase airflow to stop snoring during your sleep, with multiple sizes to ensure you have the perfect fit.

Mute anti-snoring product - breath more, snore less with Mute

Not sure which Mute stop snoring size is right for you? Start with our Mute Trial pack.

Mute anti snoring device trial pack

Mute Trial Pack Price: $17.95
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.

Need a refill of Mute?

Mute Anti Snoring Product 30 Night Supply

Mute Price: $24.95
(A 30 night supply)
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.




Click the play button below to view the Mute Anti-Snoring Product introduction and use video.

But Mute isn’t limited to improving sleeping at night. Wear Mute to the gym, on a run, or during a game. The increased breathability allows you to get the most out of your workout.

More effective than breathing strips or similar devices that use sticky adhesive to expand your nasal cavities from the surface; Mute works gently from within the nose. Improved airflow, easier to keep in place, and cheaper.

The Mute Anti-snoring device can improve the symptoms of a deviated septum and nasal congestion. In trials, 75% of couples reported a reduction in the frequency and volume of snoring and found it more effective than other products.

Still not sure? Check out some of our Mute User Testimonials. Real people who found real stop snoring solutions from Mute.

• Lee and Rachel -

• Hannah and Jonny -

• The UK’s Loudest Snorer -

Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow - Stop Snoring Pillow

Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snoring Pillow

Nitetronic goodnite Anti Snoring Pillow - Stop Snoring Pillow

Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snore Pillow Price: $299.00
(Now Includes The Upgraded Comfort Cover)
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.


• A Pillow that Stops Snoring - The goodnite pillow stops your snoring by gently shifting your head to the side when it senses snoring sounds and vibrations. This extends the distance between your tongue and throat, significantly reducing or eliminating shoring all-together. It automatically improves your sleep throughout the night.

• Monitor your Results - The Nitetronic goodnite anti-snoring pillow quickly and easily connects to your Smartphone or PC to monitor your snoring reduction and sleep quality, so you can track your improvement every day, and see the results for yourself. Easily download the Nitelink2 Smart Phone App for iOS or Android (screenshot of app shown below).

• Safe, Comfortable, Effective - Unlike mouthpieces, medications, and masks, the Nitetronic goodnite pillow is completely non-invasive. Sleep better naturally and consistently, your brain and your family will thank you.

• < Click on image at left to view as a larger image

• Please Note - This device is effective for back and side sleepers only

• Information on 1-year Limited Warranty (.pdf)
Warranty Service Request Form (.pdf)

Nitetronic goodnite Anti-Snore pillow with Smart Technology built in

slumberBUMP Positional Sleep Belt - Stop Snoring

SlumberBUMP Positional Sleep Belt

A Positional Sleep Therapy Device for Snoring

Effective - Does your spouse try and get you to roll on your side to stop snoring? Many snorers have increased symptoms on their back. Studies have shown that positional-based sleep aides, like the SlumberBUMP Sleep Belt, have an 80% success rate in treating mild to moderate snoring symptoms. And they are 100% more effective than your spouse!

Improve CPAP - SlumberBUMP will improve your CPAP experience by providing a complimentary form of sleep therapy to ease your snoring, and reducing movement issues caused by your CPAP tube.

Comfortable - Ergonomically designed, breathable, skin-friendly; More than 90% of SlumberBUMP purchasers use their Sleep Positional Trainer nightly, as opposed to less than half of CPAP users.

Quality of Life - Stop snoring effectively and comfortably. Clinically proven to reduce snoring symptoms. Portability means comfort at home, in hotels, even outdoors. Wake up feeling refreshed and focused without the hassles of invasive therapy.

• Click on images below to view as a larger image

SlumberBump Sleep Belt - Stop Snoring, Sleep without Snoring

SlumberBUMP Positional Sleep Belt Price: $69.99
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.


Combination Therapy might be the solution to your snoring. By combining the effective use of the SlumberBUMP for positional sleep therapy with the Mute breathing aids you will experience maximum results.

Mute gently stents and dilates the nasal airways allowing snorers to breathe more easily through their nose and keep their mouth closed during sleep. In turn, this reduces the vibrations in the airways that can cause disruptive snoring. The Trial pack comes with all sizes included, so you can find the perfect fit.

SlumberBUMP with MUTE for better sleep and sleep without snoring

SlumberBUMP with Mute Trial Pack Price: $79.99
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.


Slumber Bump Positional Sleep Belt - Stop Snoring Sleep Belt

• SlumberBUMP has a 15 day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact SlumberBUMP customer service within 15 days of receiving your SlumberBUMP Sleep Belt for a full refund.

• SlumberBUMP also offers a 1 year warranty. If your Sleep Belt has any manufacturing defects, SlumberBUMP will replace it for free for up to one year.

• To process a return or warranty, please contact SlumberBUMP customer service at: or 1-866-250-8482. Please be sure to have your Shoreline Medical Services receipt or order invoice available.