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Alternatives to CPAP Products

Alternatives To CPAP

Simply Snoring? - Snoring is sometimes indicative of a serious health condition known as Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). Restricting air flow, a lack of oxygen during sleep can lead to decreased energy levels, heart disease, lethargy, and depression; even with a full nights rest. Improve your health; Sleep Without Snoring tonight.

This page features the Provent EPAP Therapy product, the Zzoma Sleep Belt and the Night Shift Sleep Positioner - all 3 alternative to CPAP products shown below.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy Product

Attention: In the U.S., Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a physician. Please fax or email us a valid prescription with your order. Click HERE for a sample letter (.pdf) that you can easily email or print for your physician.

Provent Sleep Apnea Therapy Price:

30-Day Supply $70.00

+$3.95 for USPS Ground Ship in Continental U.S.
90-Day Supply $185.00

+$3.95 for USPS Ground Ship in Continental U.S.
180-Day Supply $360.00

+$3.95 for USPS Ground Ship in Continental U.S.
Sleep Apnea Therapy Products - Alternative to CPAP products

CPAP Alternative - The most common treatment for OSA is CPAP therapy. Unfortunately, more than half of CPAP users find their masks to be uncomfortable, forgoing them each night, and risking further health complications. Provent is a disposable, nightly-use nasal device that uses the power of your own breathing to effectively treat OSA and eliminate the need for cumbersome masks.

Portability - With a package so small it can fit in your pocket, Provent can be easily taken to hotels, homes, camping trips, or even during naps. The disposable nature of Provent eliminates the need for cleaning, and decreases bacteria build-up that may occur on regularly used masks.

Proven Effective - Like CPAP therapy, the Provent device has demonstrated significant levels of OSA improvement in clinical studies. Backed by science, and designed as a CPAP alternative, this discreet device makes CPAP therapy a simple addition to your daily life.

Zzoma Sleep Belt

FDA-Cleared - Designed by board-certified sleep physicians and approved for the treatment of sleep apnea. The Zzoma Sleep Belt has proven to be so effective clinically that it is now available through prescription only.

CPAP Alternative - No mask, no tubes, no cords or cables. Zzoma is a clinically-proven alternative to CPAP therapy, and can be used alone or in conjunction with other devices to effectively treat sleep apnea.

Clean and Comfortable - Adjustable Velcro straps allow the Zzoma to comfortably fit almost all shapes and sizes. Zzoma can easily travel with you to hotels and homes, and the exterior is machine-wash safe, with no complicated cleaning devices required.

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Zzoma Anti-Snoring Sleep Belt

Zzoma Positional Sleep Belt Price: $189.95 Each
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.

Zzoma Sleep Belt - Anti-Snoring treatment and product - Sleep without Snoring

Need reimbursement or a prescription for Zzoma?

Click HERE for a sample letter (.pdf) that you can easily email or print for your physician

Click HERE for information on reimbursement and returns (.pdf)

Night Shift Sleep Positioner

The Night Shift Sleep Positioner is a clinically proven solution for patients who suffer from snoring and positional obstructive sleep apnea (POSA).

Worn on the back of the neck, Night Shift begins to gently vibrate when the user begins to sleep on their back. The vibration slowly increases in intensity until the user changes positions.

Intelligent Interactive Monitoring - Night Shift is also an intelligent, interactive monitor that measures sleep quality and the frequency of unhealthy loud snoring.

The internet-based Report Portal enables users to monitor the effectiveness of the therapy and its improvements in sleep quality.

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Night Shift Sleep Positioner and Monitoring System - Alternative to CPAP

Night Shift Price: $349.00 Each
FREE Ground Ship in Continental U.S.

Clinical results have shown:

90% of POSA participants responded to Night Shift therapy

The median AHI (indicates severity of sleep apnea) reduction was 79%

Participants had significantly less sleep fragmentation and hypoxemia, and slept more deeply

A majority of participants experienced reduced daytime sleepiness and depression symptoms

Across participants, the percent of time snoring above 50 dB was significantly reduced

Check out Science Behind the Sleep to find out the science behind the Night Shift Sleep Positioner.